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How to make styling for GS generated menu using ready-made CSS template?
Hello everyone,

I am new to GetSimple CMS and found it fantastic even for a noob like me.

I dowloaded CSS template called New Vision and decided to modify it to use with GetSimple. I already prepared almost ready made website besides… the top menu.

I put <?php get_navigation(return_page_slug()); ?> between <ul> and </ul> marks but had to remove <li> which had its own classes. Now the menu looks like this:

instead of this:

May I ask someone for assistance here? I am trying to fix it third day reading this forum and other sources but I am not able to fix it. I don’t understand where to place the missing classes to make the menu look like it should be.

Please find the link to download the zip file containing the theme – opening HTML file in the browser you can see how the menu should look like. Template.php can be used with GetSimple CMS.


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