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[COMING SOON] UserManagement Plugin - Allows management of admin users and groups.
Version 1.0.0

This awesome plugin will enable the ability to manage multiple users for your GetSimple administration. All areas of the admin section can be restricted, as can any supported plugins. There is also full support for groups allowing custom permissions to be set on a group level.

Native support is provided for my existing SimpleBlog and ThemeExtras plugins, plus plugin developers can also design or update their plugins to support this plugin simply by adding some action hooks within their code. If you are a plugin developer and you’d like to know how to do this, please visit the documentation linked above.

This plugin is currently under active development, but is a little while away from completion and being ready for release. If you’d like to track the development progress, please visit the GitHub page linked above.

A new team of translators will be needed for this plugin. If you speak any languages other than those that are already included, then please send me a PM so that I can add you to the project. A GitHub account is a must as the development process is maintained from there.

More information about this plugin, including what the future holds for it, the changelog, plus the main documentation can be found on my website. Just follow the links at the top of this post!

Language Support
  • English (en_US) - Maintained by John Stray (johnstray2001)

Version 1.0.0
Scheduled: Q4, 2022 - Estimated: Unknown

Use this forum thread for SUPPORT and FEATURE REQUESTS
If you find any bugs that wish to report, then please visit the GitHub page,
check if it has been reported and/or fixed already, and if it hasn't then please create a new issue.
Check out my website:

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