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PROBLEM GetSimpleCMS allowing invalid URLs
The GetSimple CMS allows invalid URLs because it only seems to interpret the first and last portions of the URL.

For example, in the following URL [] the bolded sections is invalid.   The valid URL is [].

I could do the same thing with a number of other GetSimpleCMS sites listed in []

This can cause all kinds of weird errors when you are using relative URLs and it also messes up Google indexing metrics.

At the moment I am considering detecting this issue by comparing the Canonical URL with the actual URL and forcing a redirect 301 or a 404 error...

Doesnt an invalid url give a 404, I thought this was done by default?
Yes, any solution would be welcome.
Interesting discovery.
This has already been mentioned here
(2023-09-28, 19:14:31)Bigin Wrote: This has already been mentioned here

Thanks for letting me know.  I guess my searching skills were off.

I will continue the conversation there.  I am aiming for a solution.
I don't believe GS provides a native solution for this issue, at least not that I'm aware of. But seriously, why would the Google Search Engine bother visiting a URL like this `` when it's not listed anywhere?

Anyway, you still have the option to create your own solution. You could use a filter, like "data_index":
PHP Code:
add_filter('data_index', function($data) { 
    // your routing logic 

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