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Install help - replace part of old site

Im trying to install getsimple in an already existing site structure. I basically want to replace about half of the pages of this website with the CMS site files so the site owner can easily edit the content. However, the home page and a couple other pages use unique designs without changing content that I have to keep exactly as-is. The issue is that I cant get the getsimple system to work properly with navigating between CMS and non-CMS pages. Is there a trick or something I need to know about how getsimple utilizes navigation? I basically call the sidebar component onto my pages where I need navigation, and in that component are two things 1) a call for the nav by slug and 2) a link to another php includes file containing the old nav links. I can get this to display both sets of nav links, but when I click on the CMS supplied links I get directed to pages that dont exist!

Any idea?

Can I have the URL so I can see what you mean. Maybe you'll need to hardcode that other navigation into the code. Seems a shame.
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The site is located at

Its a live site, so there are a few caveats to viewing whats going on here. The CMS system is fully installed and located where you expect except for the index page, its at index2.php. On this index2 page you see the top menu item is "Events" this is the CMS page. This link is the one coming from the "return path slug" call, all the other links are from the same php includes file the static HTML site uses.

Clicking the first nav link (the Events link) takes you to cma-club/events2 which doesnt exist. events2 is the slug name of the events page I made in getsimple. There is an existing events.php page that is a static html page I am trying to replace with the new, CMS events page...but I can't get it to work.

Here is exactly what my nav component has in it:

<?php get_navigation(return_page_slug()); ?>

<?php include ('includes/nav.html'); ?>

I'm heading home from the second job now so will take a closer look once I get there, but my first thought is to code the absolute path? That's a scorched earth solution I realize. Will look again once I'm home. Smile
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I never thought of gs being used in this fashion before, interesting.

I'm concerned that it might be because of the index page. GS uses index.php?id=slug-name to get page information... I think this is where your site is failing - the fact that the root of the site isn't getsimple.
- Chris
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