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Account and some other questions
Hi all, somehow I cant login to my account that I have from 2010 ( " alex_d " ) and I see it does not exist anymore ? 

I would like if I could use it again, instead of this new one .. 

Further, can I have Discord invitation tot he channel ? 

And finally, is there a solution to have GS locally and to export and upload only html ? In the style of 'jamstack generators' ?

Hello alex,
No idea about your account info. And I dont know who is running the forum any more.
Export as html only, not that I know of, but it should be easy enough to just upload what you have and update links.
There are a few plugins for this, depending on what plugins you are using.

GS Community Edition with php8.x compatibility, new features and much more!  Support Me

Nobody is running anything round here. A couple of the old team occasionally remove spam but nobody does anything more than that.

I am not going to be deleting spam much longer. I would happily hand over my login to anyone who wanted it because I don't think anybody is able to grant mod rights any more, unless Shawn re-appears, which looks unlikely.

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