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library plugin
i love GS, since the beginning!
there are now many plugins, also for image galleries, but it will be great to have :

1/ plugin for ebook library (like image gallery but for pdf ebook)... managing and linking both a cover (image) + the book (pdf), something to be use in local not going to amazon or something like that to bring infos (may be it could be a collection not on those sites!)...

i think if one of the image galleries plugin allow to associate/attach a pdf document (or a zip ?) it would make it nice i think...

2/ multimedia gallery (sounds, videos), more simple then youtube and others, but could let present and show videos and in admin manage to add, modify and delete them...

3/ have a plugin to import static pages or sites from wordpress, joomla, spip, .... directlty to GS.

ps: i have translated GS 3.0 in arabic, where should i share this?
Sharing is human real nature...

the official website's Extend section has an area for translations. Your forum login works over there as well, so you can upload your translation.

Thanks for your work!
welcome here!

I am glad that we get another language for GetSimple!

As arabic language direction is right-to-left, this setting for the Editor will be necessary:

Cheers, Connie

Das deutschsprachige GetSimple-(Unter-)Forum:
where can i get the sound and video gallery plugin?
seanvybz Wrote:where can i get the sound and video gallery plugin?

1) the sound and video gallery was a whish not an announcement

2) check the extend if you want to find out which plugins exist,

Das deutschsprachige GetSimple-(Unter-)Forum:

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