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Is it compatible with PHP 5.1.6?

I tried GetSimple 3.0 and it works fine. Now I am going to migrate it to our server. But PHP 5.1.6 is installed and configured on our server. So I am wondering if GS3.0 will be compatible with a lower PHP version. From the website, PHP 5.2 is recommended.

As you might know, I do not want to upgrade PHP on our server because there are a lot of stuff on that.

Thank you very much.
I can't tell you, couldn't you test it on a local server with that version or on the new server in a password protected directory?

The installation just takes 5 minutes ...

Cheers, Connie

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Hi, Apologies for the thread hijack but didnt want to start a new thread as I'm just wondering if anyone actually tested this out as I'm in the same position. I've not got a dev system set up on my local machine at the moment so would be a pain to have to set one up just to see if GS 3.0 will work with php 5.1.6.

Having a nightmare of a time with a clients hosting company so i'm thinking I may just use the depreciated version just to get the site up.

Can anyone tell me how secure is GS 2.03?
2.03 is vastly inferior to 3.0's security. 2.03 is still relatively secure, but there were some vulns detected in it that were fixed in 3.0

The only thing i can suggest is for you to just "try" the installation like Connie said. It does only take 5 minutes...

My guess is that it will work...
- Chris
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Here is a post on a french blog showing how to install GS 3.0 on hosting, which has PHP v. 5.1.2
I guess 5.1.6 is possible too (tho I didn't try myself).
Thanks for the replies guys, I had though about editing the file which checks the PHP version but wasn't sure about it.

I'll have a run through it later tonight to see if I can get it working. I'll post the results back. Would it be a good idea to maybe add a list of compatible PHP versions to the wiki for future reference? Just a thought!


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