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Hiring GS developer
Hello, I am hiring an experienced GS developer for a complete site redesign based off of our existing GS 2.04 website, We have PHP based SEO plug-ins and some jQuerry implementations as well. We have a mockup of the new design in Adobe Illustrator's .ai format. The CSS skill required for this project might be on the higher end. We have many additions we would like to make in the near future as well so this could very well turn into a long term contract or, if interested, a permanent position in Westlake Village, CA. I will be checking this post regularly for a while until I find someone so please post your responses here. Our current development site with the GS 3.0 installation is The previous developer we hired had no idea what he was doing and so the site looks very bad. He was able to get GS3 installed at least but did not port over any of our plug-ins. Thank you.
Awesome, somehow your site has a broken <body [sic!] Wink
I sent you an email regarding your request.
Hi there,

Couldn't in to your site (the server throws a 403 error).

Anyway, we have lot's experience developing sites on GetSimple. We also run a site selling GetSimple 3 themes ( Other jobs we worked on can found on Chilly Orange. I am confident we can provide the quality of service you're looking for.

If you'd like to take this to the next level, please shoot me an email at mjnaus[at]gmail[dot]com and perhaps we could talk a bit more. Looking forward to hear from you!

- Matt

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