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Plugins Help Please
Hi I'm new to get simple I have installed version 3.0 and i have tried to install plugins but i up load them via FTP to the correct folder but in the admin panel it still says 0 plugins. I just cannot see them at all. Please help.
Hello Carol!

Please check the server settings, there is a health check in /settings / first steps

tell us the info from there, maybe we might help!
Maybe some permissions are not correct

which plugins did you upload, want to use?
how did you upload? After extracting a plugin zip, check whether it contains single files plus subdirectories
If this is the case, mostly the single files belong into the /plugin-folder directly, the subdirectories will be subdirectories of the plugin-folder

maybe you uploaded it one level too deep?

Cheers, Connie

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Thanks for replying Connie i checked and the zip folder was on too deep now its working.
Hi Carol,

that was my idea ;=)

Good, that it is working now


Das deutschsprachige GetSimple-(Unter-)Forum:

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