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How much you earn in your country???
Question is simple, how much you can earn as a webmaster in their country working for the company?
And How much simple web site (p01-contact, google-map, custom, but simple layout) cost in Your country.

In Poland in middle company you can earn from 500 to 1000 euro per month.
simple site cost about 300 euro.

I'm interested in how many earn elsewhere...
I cannot tell you about the salary in Germany, because I do my websites freelance

but 500,00 EUR for a small site with layout, standard-plugins, documentation, without follow-up-care like backups, updates etc., and 2 hours teaching the client is realistic in Germany, I would say

Das deutschsprachige GetSimple-(Unter-)Forum:
I'm charging $200-700 per GS site, depending on the user requirements and how much of the work they ask me to do with media (images, audio, video..); i track time for the projects.

I don't really do any design work, just working off templates, and then adapting them to work with GS, and then customizing the CSS how they want it to look..this takes the most time...

if they choose a simple template and don't need a lot of fancy stuff, then it is closer to the low end;

it's really good value for the client because GS requires so much less maintenance that Worpress or Joomla...

plus for the web designer, GS is more fun, since you are really working with the code and have complete control, whereas with the bigger modular systems you kind of always feel one step removed..
when I worked for the Muscovites, I was earning up to $ 2,000 a month, since 2008 I have cut and now I'm also a freelancer and earn primarily on placing ads on their own sites
Do you guys think its better to be freelancer?
sausage Wrote:Do you guys think its better to be freelancer?

I must do that as freelancer, as I have a full-time-job in a software-company, support-department.
So all of these web-jobs are done beside that work, either at evening, night, weekend, sitting in train when traveling to clients etc. ...

I would not like to rely on a freelance job ... maybe because I am too old for competition now (59), and I am in the privileged situation to choose my clients (mostly cultural organisations, musicians or my favorite restaurants)

So I am not a typical web designer

Cheers, Connie

Das deutschsprachige GetSimple-(Unter-)Forum:
If you aspire a little more rest and less work, then yes, freelancing - it's good Smile
If You are creative type of man, working in big company gives You no satisfaction. Sure at begin'n it sufficient when Your boss come to you and tell You good job..
In long time, You lose You energy to make new exiting things, You just do what You have been told.
More and less - in big company You are sure of tomorow- You now You have job, to go to.. As a freelancer In finishing next three projects and I don't now if I get next one.
In Indonesia you can earn $ 2.000/mo. up to $5.000/mo.
simple site cost $ 120 /year.
Indonesia ? Really ? Wow.. That would be the most awesome countre to go to Smile
I think 2000$ would enough to live well right? Big Grin
Hi everybody!

first: GS is awesome! I've discovered it few months ago an really love it!

second: i'm from Italy and here you can earn from 400eur to about 1000eur for a simple website with a well designed theme.
For ecommerce websites based on opensource solution one can ask about 5/7 times this amount.
Lot depends on the client and is 'grade of expertise in the web field' Smile

third: to not get banned!

fourth: excuse my bad english Big Grin

I live in Thailand but have my clients mostly in Australia and Europe. We do simple sites on GetSimple for anywhere between 1000 and 2000 euro (including design). Bigger projects are put either on Wordpress or on custom CMS solutions, for those sites prices are typically between 5.000 to 10.000 euros although higher then that happens as well...

I'd say most local developers here would do around 600 to 1000 euro per month and then they'll be doing quite ok for Thai terms, working for Thai clients that is. But of course there are always freelancers out there that bring in a lot more then that.

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