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New Plugin - Quick Gallery -couple questions
Im starting to write new plugin that would allow to make very quick galleries across site.

When You editing page using CKeditor and You instert a photo I want to allow user to decide if this photo should be enlarged, and if so, should it be part of gallery with other photos on that site...

Now questions:
1. is it possible to add section to window called Image Properties without editing CKeditor files?
maby when plugin register it self, could make required changes ?
I want this file to be simple ( user should put it to plugins folder - and thats all)

2. when You instert photo CKeditor past code (with style, floats, classes. etc.) How to force him to not do this when special option is selected? Is it possible?

or should I try different way? option outside CKeditor,
new section in Edit Page that reads content, search for images and allow to select those that should popup???

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