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Multi User Plugin. Cannot log in added users. Endless cycle
Endless loop trying to log in under additional user

I installed the multi user plug in and from the back end it seems okay. However after creating a user I find it impossible to log in using that user.

What is happening seems to be an endless loop of the page trying to reload over and over until I hit the "STOP" button for the browser. I am then unable to log in as the original user unless I clear by browser cache and cookies.

I cannot see any errors because of the endless loop which constantly reloads the page too fast to be able to see anything even if there were some error.

How do I break this loop problem so additional users can log in to the control panel?
de-activate the plugin, if you cannot deactivate it from the admin panel, delete it from the plugin directory by FTP

there is a log in the directory data/other/logs

check that one

good luck!

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In addition to what Connie say :

did you block access to Page? if so then you need to have defined an other landing page otherwise it's normal you got an endless loop.
In short, make sure your landing page (Page by default) is not blocked (ergo checked)
Sorry my English is poor, I'm working on it

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