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A GOOD and versatile news manager needed
I have seen News Manager and Dominion Blog, and they both fall short of being really good news managers. News Manager sorely lacks categories. Dominion Blog is a little better but doesn't allow the user to browse the file manager to insert images. Nor does it allow the user to customise the image folder location other than Uploads (for the thumbnail, large picture selections). It's a pity since Dominion could really have been good. Another confusing feature is that it always loads the last blog post in the admin and one can mistakenly overwrite on it instead of creating a new blog post. It just happened yesterday with my client. Also I have seen over ten posts get deleted when I unchecked on the "Show graphical dates" button in the Settings. Additionally it doesn't support tags.

What I would really love to see in Getsimple is Featured Image on the lines of wordpress. Multiple categories, tags, custom excerpts, nested comments etc.

I just saw the News and Comments plugin but it required the exec_php plugin to be inserted inside pages and doesn't have a Getsimple shortcode to do so. Exec_php plugin itself is quite old and warns that it might interfere with other plugins so definitely News and Comments plugin is out of the question.

Anyone out there willing to help?

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A GOOD and versatile news manager needed - by andyash - 2011-11-17, 16:49:54

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