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A GOOD and versatile news manager needed
All of the above sounds good but too techie, kind of tough for the clients (end users) to use comfortably. Can i18 add a separate tab (like it does with i18 Gallery) and add all the news pages there. Have an excerpt section where the user can browse/insert a thumbnail and in the main blog post area he can insert the bigger pic. Using keywords as category creates another issue since most users would treat and use keywords for SEO purposes and with this approach there might be another issue.

If I want one page to show all blog posts in the category News and another page to show all blog posts in category Blog and yet a third page to show posts from another category, how do I achieve that?

My main problem right now is a beautiful site I have done in GetSimple and due to the limitations in News Manager I might need to port the entire site to Wordpress, since suddenly the client has decided that he wants the Blog/News sections to be much more active than he had initially wanted them to be.

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A GOOD and versatile news manager needed - by andyash - 2011-11-17, 21:02:58

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