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A GOOD and versatile news manager needed
mikeh Wrote:Here is a modified version of the news manager plugin with rss feed, categories, and an automatic RSS feed importer (to automatically import content from external rss feeds).. I am not currently offering any support on it do to time. Sorry everyone, i've been holding on to this for like 6 months Smile..

Edit: The automatic RSS importer attempts to setup the cron job automatically if you choose to use it.. If it does not setup (due to your server), you will have to manually set the cron job up.. instructions on how to do this are displayed if it fails.

Just tried it. Looks good. But if I have an image in the first paragraph it doesn't show in the excerpt.

Edit: Just tried the News and Comments Plugin as well. Quite like the way an image can be attached to show in the excerpts. But his translation to English is pretty poor in the forum and couldn't make out how to activate comments. Would have preferred a simple radio button inside the settings to switch comments on/off. Though his demo at is quite amazing. Also, when on a blog post it doesn't have a backlink to the main news page.

At times I wish there was a flatfile/xml version of Wordpress with all its features intact. Am I wishing for too much from GetSimple? Out of the 100 odd CMSs that I have tested in the past couple of years, I find GetSimple the most promising, having seen it from its early days but never deploying it since those days GetSimple didn't have a decent gallery nor a good news system. Now I want to port my earlier sites to GetSimple, but the things I have mentioned are a must.

Please Guys, help me out. We are Nearly there.

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A GOOD and versatile news manager needed - by andyash - 2011-11-18, 03:28:11

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