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A GOOD and versatile news manager needed
andyash Wrote:
mikeh Wrote:Here is a modified version of the news manager plugin with rss feed, categories, and an automatic RSS feed importer (to automatically import content from external rss feeds).. I am not currently offering any support on it do to time. Sorry everyone, i've been holding on to this for like 6 months Smile..

Edit: The automatic RSS importer attempts to setup the cron job automatically if you choose to use it.. If it does not setup (due to your server), you will have to manually set the cron job up.. instructions on how to do this are displayed if it fails.

Just tried it. Looks good. But if I have an image in the first paragraph it doesn't show in the excerpt.

Yea this plugin is made for my clients, which in their websites cases, do not need images in excerpts. I mostly posted it for the rss feed, rss importer, and categories.

Edit: You can assign a post to a category you created in the "Page Options" on the post.

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