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A GOOD and versatile news manager needed
Found the issue. With Fancy URLs on the categories weren't working. Without Fancy URLs they were working fine. Then I saw the issue was in the .htaccess file. There was no rule for categories. I just added this line to the rewrite rules area

RewriteRule ^photo-blog/category/([^/.]+)/?$ index.php?id=photo-blog&category=$1 [L]

now it all works fine.

Great Job. Just trying to add an image through custom_fields plugin. But it seems custom fields is visible only for pages and not for this news manager plugin since I can't see it there.
EDIT: In any case once I put the image through custom_fields for pages what code do I use to show it on the page?

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A GOOD and versatile news manager needed - by andyash - 2011-11-18, 04:09:46

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