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A GOOD and versatile news manager needed
mikeh Wrote:Here is a modified version of the news manager plugin with rss feed, categories, and an automatic RSS feed importer (to automatically import content from external rss feeds).. I am not currently offering any support on it do to time. Sorry everyone, i've been holding on to this for like 6 months Smile..

Edit: The automatic RSS importer attempts to setup the cron job automatically if you choose to use it.. If it does not setup (due to your server), you will have to manually set the cron job up.. instructions on how to do this are displayed if it fails.

Edit 2: I would unzip this into your root directory. I recommend looking at the stripped down template file in the theme folder of the zip to see the functions.

One question, if I want the posts of only one category to show in a page what code do I use?

EDIT: Found it. I have to put <?php nm_show_category('MyCategory'); ?> in the template.
Question: If I want to show a certain number of posts to show here how do I manage that? Ex; I want only the excerpts of the latest post of a category to show on the home page.

EDIT2: Is there any short code that I can use in the page itself to show the posts from a category, instead of having to create multiple templates?

EDIT3: Another issue. I have 3 categories - writeups, news, shows. In the Blog Manager settings I have assigned a page Blog for the blog posts. In 3 different templates I have put the code to display posts in their respective 3 categories. However in the frontend when I click on a post it opens in the Blog page with the page and browser title Blog. It gets confusing. Is there a way for the posts to open only in their own respective pages?

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