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As the topic says - this is my first website based on getsimple.
What plugin have you used for ?
Just look at the source code

<form action="#p01-contact1" autocomplete="off" id="p01-contact1" class="p01-contact" method="post">
        <div class="field text">
                <div class="label"><label for="p01-contact1_field0">Twoje imię <strong style="color:red">*</strong></label></div>
                <input id="p01-contact1_field0" name="p01-contact_fields[0]" type="text" value="" /></div>
        <div class="field text">
                <div class="label"><label for="p01-contact1_field1">Twój adres e-mail <strong style="color:red">*</strong></label></div>
                <input id="p01-contact1_field1" name="p01-contact_fields[1]" type="text" value="" /></div>
        <div class="field text">
                <div class="label"><label for="p01-contact1_field2">Temat <strong style="color:red">*</strong></label></div>
                <input id="p01-contact1_field2" name="p01-contact_fields[2]" type="text" value="" /></div>
        <div class="field textarea">
                <div class="label"><label for="p01-contact1_field3">Wiadomość <strong style="color:red">*</strong></label></div>
                <textarea id="p01-contact1_field3" rows="10" name="p01-contact_fields[3]"></textarea></div>
        <div class="field checkbox">
                    <input id="p01-contact1_field4_option0" type="checkbox" name="p01-contact_fields[4][0]" value=" Wyślij kopie tego e-maila do mnie" /> Wyślij kopie tego e-maila do mnie</div><div><input name="p01-contact_form[id]" type="hidden" value="1" /><input name="p01-contact_form[token]" type="hidden" value="71f12a757f422038d5da82aaf0aab2d34efc6553198ef6.02550144" /><input class="submit" type="submit" value="Wyślij" /></div></form>

its p01 contact styled with css
Exactly, most of the css has been posted on forums
m1k3y Wrote:Just look at the source code
I am too well-mannered to do it unrequested.
The site has been remade, I'm going to fill it with content

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