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Stay away from theme "COA"
well, I just discovered a new theme in the extend, "COA"

this file behaves like a GS theme, will say it possess a file "template.php" and a "style.css"

when you install it, it creates nothing but error messages

this "theme" does not follow the rules for GetSimple-Themes and is not usable
so I deleted it from the EXTEND repository

so, those of you who downloaded it, please do not install it, you will only get frustration

cheers, Connie

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Hi Connie - i think that is actually a theme framework, and it looks very promising;
I haven't tested it yet, but there is a site for it here:

For some developers it could be a good tool for developing more complex themes;

Also, i believe it was entered in the Create-a-thon... maybe it should be given a chance?

Marc - i think Connie's post was from when it was first uploaded (It did have a lot of problems initially). It has since been added back to Extend and behaves quite well. It's an odd-ball for sure, but still quite capable.
- Chris
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