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Metro Theme
[Image: 6M1uzh.png]

More Screenshots:

I was originally inspired by Windows 8's metro design style but eventually just went freestyle. Feel free to read more about my thought process.

  • Sidebar can fit a 300x250 ad
  • This theme is based on Twitter Bootstrap so feel free to use any Bootstrap's CSS classes and scripts.
  • There's also media queries so it can automatically resize based on screen size
  • The CSS is written in LESS and then compiled with SimpLESS (both included)

Included templates:
  • template.php (default)
  • page-fullwidth.php (no sidebar)
  • page-home.php (homepage)
  • page-withdate.php (includes the date in the article footer)

  • Didn't do cross-browser testing but layout shouldn't break since almost all of it is Bootstrap
  • Doesn't have child-page support


Basically your standard standard installation

1. Download
2. Unzip
3. Move to /themes folder
4. Activate in admin panel

The default template uses these components:

<?php get_component('tagline'); ?>
<?php get_component('sidebar'); ?>
<?php get_component('footer'); ?>

The homepage uses these for the 3 blocks:

<?php get_component('home-1'); ?>
<?php get_component('home-2'); ?>
<?php get_component('home-3'); ?>


Go nuts. Use it yourself, for friends, clients, etc. Just don't resell or claim ownership. I won't track you down but you should feel bad if you because that's not nice Sad
Hi Stephen,

Nice work, had a look at the theme out of curiosity. Very inspiring to see to use of Bootstrap and Simpless, never heard of both before, but for sure I will go and theme with it.

keep going on like this!


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