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What about next GS Version... Feature requests by me
yojoe Wrote:Bringing wysiwyg into components will make things worse, as component boxes will loose their main purpose.
I'd suggest additional htmlcomponents (or customfields as core functionality) instead of adding wysiwyg into one of main GS functionality.

I mixed things up, I was talking about syntax highlightinh, not a WYSIWYG editor, sorry... (well it could be guessed, as I also suggested the Theme Highlighter plugin)

As this has frequently been requested, I also think that, if not in the core, it would be nice that someone makes a simple plugin which does the same as GS components but for html/text snippets. They could be called e.g. Blocks, and they would be inserted in the template (or components) with
<?php get_block('nameofblock'); ?>

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What about next GS Version... Feature requests by me - by Carlos - 2012-04-13, 23:56:31

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