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Internal Server Error 500 prior to install
First and foremost, I saw a topic below about a similar error, but not wanting to hijack that thread or bring it back from the dead (it's a couple months old), I thought I'd make a new one. My apologies if that was the wrong choice.

The issue is simply: I made a website for a former professor of mine with the intent of uploading it to my old college's physics department web server. GS worked wonderfully on my own personal website, and I assumed as long as PHP was up to date on the school's server (which actually ended up needing to be upgraded from 4.x to 5.3), everything would be fine.

Instead, going to the subdomain (which takes the form brings me immediately to admin/install.php but spits out an internal server error 500. Just from checking out phpinfo(), it's a linux server is running PHP version 5.3.3 with apache 2.2.3 (redhat). If there is more information required, just ask and I'll try to provide it.

I feel as though it may be caused by the subdomain, but also of note is that the files are getting stored in /var/www/html/ on the server, rather than simply the root "/" folder. I don't know if I would need to modify any URLs in setup.php/install.php or other places for it to work properly.

Any help would be appreciated! Again, if I've forgotten or omitted any important information, let me know and I'll find it.

Thanks very much.
youll have to check your php log and apache error log.
500 error can mean anything but more than likely a fatal php error.
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