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Front end of site gone!!
Crap. This happened to me on Monday too and I just gave up and did a clean reinstall. I did have everything with various plugins working and was configuring i18n Special pages when I lost the front end. All the data is in the back end, the files are there, they just do not show up.

I have screwed something up, but I don't know what or how to troublehshoot this. I whent back to the last task I had done on the back end-adding some code to the special pages in view mode, and removed that, but it didn't restore the site. I also backtracked to the last couple things I did via FTP and deleted the files I had uploaded in case that was causing a conflict.

I am stumped and very bummed. This is the third install using 3.1.

Any suggestions for what to try next?
the source of your index.php is:


Absolutely empty. I really do not know what you are doing all the time.

So tell us please the result of the server health check. What is your configuration, what is your hoster?

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First of all, enable error_reporting so you can see the php errors. (, first option).
Because you changed code, there is probably something causing a fatal error.
Thank you for taking a look and the taking the time to reply. I figure I must have messed up an xml file which then made the system unstable. I work too fast sometimes and think that I must have changed a file and uploaded before I really understood what it might do.

However, I reinstalled and reconfigured, being extra careful and I now have a working site. I think it helps to screw up a few times!!

Yes, manipulating files is a dangerous job and very difficult to identify by others...
it is good that it is working now.

I deleted your last post, it was a double posting with the same content ;=)

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