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Function Junction
As a newbie, who sometimes gets a little too cocky, I find myself screwing up. Anyway, in terms of the function/components posted here in the Scripts & Components forum, I am confused as to the appropriate method to call them. Would the following be correct?

Function: Per Page Components.
<?php component_master('sidebar'); ?>

Function: TagCloud
<?php function tagCloud(); ?>

Function: Multi-Level Navigation.
<?php menu_master(); ?>

Function: Advanced Mulit Level Treewalker Navigation
<?php print template_tiered_menu(); ?>

Function: Get Content Published in Other Page
<?php getSubpagesList(); ?>


Here are the ones ready to be used with GS.

If you use any of the ones in this forum, then you will need to ask in those threads.
The components listed in those threads will first need to be installed before being able to use them.
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homershines Wrote:Function: Per Page Components.
<?php component_master('sidebar'); ?>

homershines Wrote:Function: Multi-Level Navigation.
<?php menu_master(); ?>

homershines Wrote:Function: TagCloud
<?php function tagCloud(); ?>

Don’t want to search through the whole forum to find you all the functions, but those three are right.
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Sorry if I'm a pain, but sometimes the instructions are not complete.
When the thread gets long, a rookie gets lost.

Many thanks.


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