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Meta Tag Problem

I have updated a older site I had - and installed the latest Get Simple CMS.
I am using the Holford theme.

I am getting an erroneous " < Scenic Radio " in each page name.
( Upper left hand corner of each page. )

Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance !
Hello saint,

this is no metatag-problem. It is defined in the theme.

Have a look: At Line 15 in template.php you read:

<title><?php get_page_clean_title(); ?> &lt; <?php get_site_name(); ?></title>

this creates the page-title PLUS < PLUS the sitename

if you do not want this, change that line to

<title><?php get_page_clean_title(); ?></title>

Das deutschsprachige GetSimple-(Unter-)Forum:
Thank you so much Connie Smile

Helpful moderators like you is what makes GetSimple so wonderful !

I am glad I could help!

Das deutschsprachige GetSimple-(Unter-)Forum:
Or use the Custom Title Plugin - essential plugin for any site that needs optimising for searches.

I see I left 'site by TimW' in the footer, oops. You will want to change that. I will maybe update the theme when I get home from my hols.

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