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Get-Simple git ignore
Hi, I'm trying to establish a nice workflow for a small group of developers working on some GS websites. I am pretty comfortable with git so I created a repository that included the following directories and files:

/.htacess (I'm not sure about this one) -*

I added these to .gitignore:
/data/other/authorization.xml (Not sure about this one either. It seems to work without conflict either way but I excluded it anyway, just in case) -*

I installed GS and created a git repository and .gitignore with the above rules on a production and development server. Works great for some of the pesky problems that show up when moving code around from server to server and keeps your repository nice and neat.

Really though, I was just wondering if anyone has any other files I might want to add or remove from the ingore rules. Also, what exactly does authorization.xml do?
nice! I was thinking the same.
It contains your salt, protect like passwords.
Might want to ignore gsconfig.php as well, unless you are replicating that, if you are do not put salts in there either.

n00dles created this once

not sure the exact settings for the setup stuff, you want them to tracked but not deleted if missing.
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