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bug: inserting imagelink adds url sometimes

problem: In pagina edit mode I sometimes get this annoying thing that when you select the text for an imagelink; the url gets added with the link text on creation of the link.

Is this a known bug and is there a fix for this? Hope someone can help me with this.

- used browser: internet explorer 8 or higher & chrome.
- getsimple version: 3.1.2
- plugins installed (all up to date):
Google Analytics
Send Anonymous Data
I18N Base
Nested Menus
YouTube Video Display
please explain with a good example, I do not get it ...

and tell us which browser you are using

Cheers, Connie

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hi again:

browser im using: internet explorer 8

example: I want to add a image link.

> I go to "Pagina edit Mode" to edit a page: I select some text I want to become a link and click on the MAKE LINK button.

> In the link menu I choose: URL: I fill in the address where my picture is located. I use the whole string: example:

>now instead of having a link saying "puppies" that will link to the picture when I click on it. The linkmenu gives me a bug and gives me a link saying:

" puppies" or something like that.

I only wanted the word "puppies" to become a link.

Now I can manually adjust those imglinks in sourcemode but I want the link option to function instead.
Try inserting a link with default description (it should become a full URL), then move the cursor into the text, adjust it, and we have a winner.
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I created a new page
I wrote some words
I marked these words, clicked on LINK-Button, choose "URL", added the complete URL of the image and saved it

afterwards I got fully working link. When I click on that, I get that image opened

did you check another browser? I use Firefox, try another browser, please

Das deutschsprachige GetSimple-(Unter-)Forum:
works fine for me.

I type
"This is a Link"
I Highlight the word link
I Click the anchor icon in ckeditor.
I Fill in a url.
I hit ok
The word "Link" is now a link to the url I typed.

You keep saying an image link what does that mean ? A link is a link doesn't matter what it links to.
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
hello again,

so I've come back to this bug and it still persists. let me try to explain this bug again:

the problem:
- when using internet explorer 8 & 9 (it worked fine in chrome) when you want to make a imagelink the editor adds the address of the imagelocation into the page you are editting.

I've been trying to zoom in on the issue and as far as I can tell somehow the bug persists when using style elements like list and/or bold

you could insert this source material into the editor while using internet explorer to replicate the bug
<li><strong>Q. Uptown Girl </strong>1 U Jeugdklas en Ned. Jeugd Kampioen</li>
<li><strong>Q. Uptown Girl </strong>1 U Jeugdklas en Ned. Jeugd Kampioen</li>

please help.
definitely a ckeditor bug with IE, I bet it does not support "get selection".
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although its a rare bug; I found a workaround for the time being:

first make your imagelinks on plain text and then add the style elements like list and/or bold.

I've tested it and it works!

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