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Hello everyone.
I just joined your community and I already have a question. I started to use GetSimpleCMS and I really like it. But my concern is if I can use GetSimpleCMS into an website and sell that website to a company, business or w/e. Should I pay something or there is a way to do that?
I will appreciate if somewone will answer me, even my question is a little stupid.
GetSimple CMS is free, but if you make profit with it, or find it useful, etc. you can contribute:
Thanks for your answer. One more thing... I am allowed to remove the link from footer?the one with Powered by GetSimple? And after selling I will contribute off course. ( If it will happen)
getsimple is licensed under the GPLv3 License

Perhaps you should read about it so you have a firm understanding of it if you plan on using it commercially.
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andrew_andrew3 Wrote:I am allowed to remove the link from footer?

This link is part of the template. You are free to use it or not.

If you had done a search here in the forum, you would have found that question asked and answered quite some times already

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