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Sidebar pushed to the bottom of the page
I made some changes to my theme and somehow the sidebar has dropped to the bottom of the page. I scanned for tags that were not closed and some basic stuff. I just can't figure it out...

The website is:

I did a markup validation on the main page and all I get is this:

Quote:Validation Output: 5 Errors

Error Line 58, Column 73: A numeric character reference expanded to the C1 controls range.
….com/blog/">Home</a> &nbsp;&nbsp;•&nbsp;&nbsp; <b>Giertsen Company Blog<…

Error Line 70, Column 11: Element style not allowed as child of element section in this context. (Suppressing further errors from this subtree.)

Error Line 95, Column 7: No p element in scope but a p end tag seen.

Error Line 116, Column 7: No p element in scope but a p end tag seen.

Error Line 127, Column 57: Attribute pubdate not allowed on element time at this point.
…ublished on <time datetime="2012-09-20" pubdate>September 20th, 2012</time></p>

Not sure if this helps figure anything out. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
This looks fine to me, checked on IE & Chrome
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n00dles101 Wrote:This looks fine to me, checked on IE & Chrome

Sorry about that. Apparently I did fix it, but the browser was just messed up and not loading the updated data. i did a reset on my firefox and it fixed it.

I think what triggered it was trying to load the google analytics code into either the footer or the sidebar. Not sure how to get that to successfully work...

Thanks for your super quick reply!
Glad to see you got it figured out!
For the future, you can do CTRL+F5 on your keyboard (Windows/Linux, NOT Mac) to clear the cache for a page/
I have this problem when viewing a page based on the Innovation Theme in Firefox 18.
I have tried Firefox 11 and 3.? and they show the sidebar correctly.
Chromium and Opera also both show then sidebar correcly.
In Firefox 18 the sidebar is displaced to below the section with the article

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