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News Manager (updated)
There's no nm_... for this -- just use GetSimple's own <?php get_page_meta_desc(); ?>

(You may need to enable NM custom settings and enter autometad 1 so that posts without meta description have an excerpt instead)
Oh, ok! It works, thank you!

Just another question about metadata:
I make a issue "Image" and wonder why it says:


instead of


The source code is

 "image": "<?php nm_post_image_url(); ?>"

But the image given to the metadata seems to be the small one from the overview page. Why?
For a full image:
<?php nm_post_image_url(0,0,0); ?>

Parameters: width (0 = full), height (0 = full), crop (0 = no) - if you don't pass them, it will use what you have in NM settings.
<?php nm_post_image_url(0,0,0); ?>

Nice! And in this case it takes the original image from uploads folder. Thank you!

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(2018-09-24, 19:54:17)domscatterbrain Wrote: Hi, I've encountered issues which post image is not shown. Whenever I choose pic for post image from server, in which its generated an image link


Yet it's not showing anything. Did I do something wrong?

Are you sure that image file exists in the Uploads folder?

Open that URL in your browser and check if you get any errors.
Anyway, an image URL like that should not be rendered by News Manager (at least in recent versions) - it's missing some parameters (width, height...)
(2018-09-25, 04:36:33)Carlos Wrote: Anyway, an image URL like that should not be rendered by News Manager (at least in recent versions) - it's missing some parameters (width, height...)

I dm you my link, even with complete params the image is still missing.
I'm using the latest news manager tho
It's some restriction in your host.
This is what it's rendering instead of the resized image:
Warning:  readfile() has been disabled for security reasons in [...]plugins/news_manager/browser/pic.php on line 101

Function readfile() is also used in GetSimple's File Management. Are you also having issues when downloading a file (e.g. an uploaded PDF) in the backend, or viewing/generating thumbnails...?
I see that the link you sent me by PM now displays the resized image properly, so I assume your issue has been fixed.
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(2018-09-30, 08:13:23)Bak Wrote: Good evening to all.

When I create a new post in my website the new post contain a title, the date creation, the text and the tags.

Is there a way to hide date creation and tags?

The important thing is the title and the text.

Thanks in advance.


In NM Settings, enable Custom Settings and insert this:
showFields title,content
then save settings.


There is (will be) another way, with custom post rendering, but it's not possible with the current stable version (3.6) - right now you'd have to use the beta version
Heya Carlos, I forgot to say that the blog picture is working again after I asked my site admin to enable readfile()
Thanks in advance!

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