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News Manager (updated)
(2023-02-08, 22:48:53)Carlos Wrote:
(2023-02-04, 00:52:35)Oleg06 Wrote:
(2023-02-04, 00:09:22)Carlos Wrote:
(2023-02-02, 04:13:26)Oleg06 Wrote: Is it possible to post posts in reverse order on the site? For example, if a person has written a book, it will not be convenient to start reading it from the end.

Thanks, this helped.

The problem is that of course you'll have to patch the file again when the plugin is updated.

Do you intend to use this in a production site? Or was it just for curiosity, or experimenting?

(BTW I think that Special Pages could be better for this job...)

I added a checkbox to toggle. I also added a checkbox to enable/disable the author. I work with the UIkit framework, so I prepare all the plugins just for it. The I18N Special Pages plugin is a good plugin, but it's complicated for people not familiar with it. I'm doing this out of curiosity for now, but I have some ideas. Thank you very much for your support.
I have installed the plugin, but the information is too unstructured, so I can't understand how to do my basic settings. Now on the site news are printed, but news titles not.

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