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Hello - Great CMS
Just thought I'd say hi! For quite a while now I've been looking for a simple, quick and easy to use/modify CMS for straight forward business sites and I am so glad I found SimpleCMS. I've just created my first site (waiting on customer approval) and I was really happy on how it went, particularly on how easy it was to add plugins.

I look forward to producing many more sites with SimpleCMS. Smile
Welcome sharkbait
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
Yes, you are the same as me Sharkbait.

I was learning how to use Joomla and Wordpress and found both tools are to bulky for what I and customers need from a website.
Thats why I was looking into XML CMS and found GetSimple. I am really glad I found this CMS tool, works really well, simple to use, no need to worry about php coding as such. Just get your head down and start designing the website.
Found that with Wordpress, I was more worrying about the php coding than the actual site design.
I'm right there with yea! I was completely sold on GetSimple when I found it. No database needed, GPLv3, and just easy to use and TINY footprint for a CMS! hence the term MCMS (micro CMS) fits the bill perfectly. Big Grin

Yea it's not worth trying to package Joomla or WP with your themes for deployment (and theme design for those takes a bit more skill imo since the larger number of functions). GS is just so simple a monkey could make a site with it XP
I was speaking to a web designer who creates Wordpress themes for a living, he does really great for himself.
I asked him why he choice Wordpress and not a XML cms (aka - GetSimple), he simply said that he has never heard of GetSimple at all and never tried XML at all.
People need to hear about GetSimple because like myself, I struggled, headaches, stressing over Joomla or WP but after finding GetSimple, web making with build in CMS hasn't been so simple!
Great plugins also just to add.

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