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Is GetSimple for me?
I already have a php site done and what I need is to give a possibility to the owner to modify some text content of some pages.

It's basically what Prech does. The developer can define PHP variables that can be adjusted via a UI by the content manager.

Can GetSimple to that?

Depends on what exactly you want to make editable.
Read couple times what is GS, and what it wasn't designed for.
GS is a powerful CMS, but many people overestimate it.
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I just need to make editable pure text. I'll read the docs more.
Sounds like its a little more advanced than what you need.
I was originally looking for what you are when I found gs and decided to go full blown with it.

I have also made sites that load in only some of gs pages into the normal php site.
This required a page loader script made from the gs index.php.
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