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Custom / Personalised 404 Page

I've looked for this in the forum search but the answers all point to 2009/2010 replies.

I'm currently using the latest version and would like to know the "proper" way of defining a custom 404 error page for my site. This is good for the user and also for SEO too.

I'm using permalinks and would like the custom 404 page to be editable in the usual gui, not hacked together in notepad. Is it best if I create a page with slug 404 and then use htaccess to point to that?

Kind Regards

Just create a page called '404' then edit as normal, GS will automatically use it.

You can also theme/template as normal.
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INCREDIBLE - who would have thought it was SO EASY! Rolleyes

I'll get on a type some text on it now.

Thanks n00dles101!!!!!!!!!!

I learned this yesterday.
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Maybe a bit hidden in the wiki?

Advanced configuration, ->

Hmmm.. that wiki page needs an update anyway...

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