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Zurb Foundation Responsive Theme for GS!

[Image: AeuptVG.png]

  • Foundation Zurb Framework
  • Fully Responsive Theme Design
  • Mobile Compatible including iPhones and iPads
  • Theme uses HTML5, CSS3, jQuery
  • Sleek Drop down Navigation Bar
  • Custom Social Site icons
  • Plugin Adjustable Content Slider
  • Plus much much more

FoundationNation for GS Version 0.5 is a Beta Release
Versions under 1.0 are free releases
Versions 1.0 and higher are paid for releases which will be available for purchase on ThemeForest by


Simply copy the directory contents to your GetSimple Installation.
Activate FoundationNation Plugin.
Enter your settings.
Active FoundationNation Theme.

Feel free to leave input, thoughts, suggestions, feedback, and support requests on this thread.

TO BE ADDED Features:
  • ON OFF for slider display
  • Plugin user based sanitized html input for up to 10 Slides
  • A couple or few more jQuery effects
  • Minify custom files and put beatified code in separate unused files for reference.
  • Finish user inputs for Nav bar
  • fix a few coding errors
  • and probably a few more things I forgot.

You can find the Github Repository for the Free versions and Betas here:

Still needs a lot of work but beta is released for previewing. Looking for feedback and any oddities.
Please let me know if you like where it's heading! Big Grin

I just installed it on a clean folder to spend 20 mins looking through it. There is a lot of stuff there. It's going to be a fabulous asset to the whole GS project. It's going to be really useful for all the designers here. I really like where it's going

Big vote of thanks and respect for what you have done there.
Lots of great code in there. Thank you!!
Awesome! I'm excited that you guys like it! Thank you Big Grin
it's about maybe 40 to 50% done... roughly...
I also included HTMLawed in the plugin Tongue

let me know if there's anything you'd like added or made better please Big Grin
Just added files to the Github repo so you can see coding without having to download the theme:
Slight delay in the next release as I'm updating everything to Zurb Foundation 4!
It's a similar but uses different classes and ems... which I'm not a fan of em sizes but the javascript is more user friendly now and also NO framework images! everything is drawn by CSS or javascript... amazing improvements.

I'm also trying to include PHPSASS in the theme's plugin to allow much more freedom and awesomeness with the CSS3 styles.

stay tuned.
Right top menu (page names) dissappear when minimizing page and also this menu does not seen on mobile phones. True?
Yes right, I'm fixing that, in my Foundation 4.04 version it's fixed and the menu name is replaced with a 3 line image plus the word Menu. Although I'm not sure if it actually drops down the list for iPhones as I have not done online testing yet, on PC it doesn't yet but I'll address that issue.
I've taken a break and have been working on the MyBB version:
And have been making lots of headway on it,
Soon as I have a beta done for MyBB I'll move back to the GS version and release the updated beta with Foundation 4.04 (or newer if Foundation by Zurb releases an update by then).
Time frame should be within a month or two.
Thank you for the feedback Kemal!
Keep it coming! Big Grin
You're also welcomed to submit issues for any of these platform versions on the github:

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