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XML Shopping cart
Before I start - I know there is a plugin called dominion-jcart.

So, I would like to see a shopping cart which allows users to create a nice looking e-commerce website with brand options in the sidebar, choose from Women and mens (or whatever the store will sell) and loads more.

I have found that the plugin dominion-jcart is very limited, not really nice backend and just simply not nice to work with.

Myself, I currently use Opencart for e-commerce websites as I found this tool to be the best for me. In the future, I would like to use a XML cart which CMS built-in. That's why I thought of GetSimple for CMS and also an shopping cart. All in 1 and simple to use.

Not sure if people will agree with this but GetSimple Cart would be the perfect project and perfect package for users like myself who doesn't really want to use Wordpress, Joomla etc.
Push Big Grin Need E-Commerce Plugin Smile
definitely there is a gap that should be filled Smile I would prefer cart based on mvlcek's special pages, maybe an extension of special pages, they are very simple to configure and work great
(2013-12-09, 08:17:40)datiswous Wrote:

Just paypal?
No Email order?

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