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Newbie Questions (regarding custom PHP)
I am a newbie to CMS systems (including GetSimple)...


1.) I added a new page and created a basic table. I then added below the table a simple PHP echo statement <?php echo "hello world"; ?> in source view and non source view and it shows exactly as typed with no processing whatsoever. What do I need to do to get this to process properly? I have to create quite a bit of custom php code so this is absolutely needed. Would I have to create a custom plugin for this?

2.) Is there a way to modify the editor to FCKEditor or another wysiwg editor??

3.) if anyone wants to help build a custom shopping cart module and a custom blog module let me know. Both would be distributed freely under the GPL. I built both for my site and they could easily be modified to fit GetSimple.

NOTE: To the persons responsible for this GREAT CMS...thank you!!!!!
- PHP code does not display without a plugin installed. Look for a plugin from the administrator (A link in his signature).

- CKEditor is new. You can download 1.7.1 for the old editor, but this one is MUCH better.
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Custom PHP can be added to your templates, inside components or with Chris’ Exec-PHP plugin. As a standard PHP code is not enabled in the editor to protect end-users to break their websites once it would have been set-up by a developer.
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