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Can't save components
I can't save components when I add a script or modify an existing component. It will kick me to the home page when I try and save. I don't know if anyone else has had this issue.

I have the latest version of get simple 3.2.0 installed. If this question has already been answered on this board please point me to that thread.

If this helps define my problem. If I add script to the component box it won't save, but if I just add text it will.

when it doesn't save the component it forwards me out of the admin area and gives me a page not found with the same url as /admin/components.php

This is a very strange problem that I have on several websites now. Really need some help tracking down this glitch. I've changed templates so it doesn't appear to be anything that is in the template coding itself.
Mod security sounds like.
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I am running into this same problem with GS 3.3.13. I can edit themes just fine, but when I try to save components it redirects me to /admin/components.php with a file not found error. From what I can see from previous threads, it sounds like a problem with mod security, but I don't know what to do about it. My site is hosted on a shared Apache host (, so I do not have direct access to my Apache settings. Is there something I can do to my .htaccess file to fix this? If not, what should I ask my host support folks to do for me? Thanks!

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