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Few questions

As you probably think I'm not good with coding sites (neither programs Dodgy) but my problems/questions are :

1) I use the theme Transverse1.5 with I18n base, etc. and this theme is preset to work with I18N in order to make beautiful submenus. It works perfectly but what I wanted to have is that the parent page (which is always displayed on the menu) will no more be clickable (to go in that page) but only to be "onmousehover" in order to show the submenu.
(Maybe it's important to tell you that I have the menu HOME ABOUT SERVICES ACCESSORIES)
So can you explain me how I can make the Services and Accessories (which are both submenus) no longer clickable ?

2) How can I change the 404 error page ? I wanted to add an image and change the text.

MANY THANKS in advance !!! Sorry for these (stupid) questions...
1. if this theme uses jquery, you can easily find a snippet which disables clicking on a link with class.
You can find demo of such one here:

I'm not familiar with any other, easy way to do that, not involving content filtering through a plugin.

2. creating custom error page is described in wiki.
Its the easiest page to create in whole GS Wink
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(2013-05-07, 02:31:49)SHUK91 Wrote: I read that but I didnt understand... I think I am suppose to create a 404 page but what kind ? PHP or XML ? XML I know nothing about it. And then do I have to delete the other 404 file ? The new one, where should I place it ?

create a page in GETSIMPLE and name it 404, did you try that?

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