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Newsletter Registration
i try to register to your Newsletter here:

but i had back:
Query failed : Access denied for user 'getsimple'@'localhost' (using password: NO)

with redirect to this url:

note, (i know spam, but...) on your site there isn't an email to contact you, i need to register to your forum an write here for a simple misconfiguration.

have a nice day Smile


there are some glitches after a hoster-change, so maybe this is the reason for the problem with the registration

yes, and to register and report is the best way to publish the problem ;=)

Maybe you can use your registration for contributing to the forum? Feel invited!


Das deutschsprachige GetSimple-(Unter-)Forum:
This should be sorted now....
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(2013-05-07, 23:56:47)n00dles101 Wrote: This should be sorted now....

Hi Connie & n00dles101,
tnx for your reply Wink sure now that i am on the forum i can/want give a contribute Smile

I done a test sub/unsub now all work perfectly

have a nice day


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