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Non-Clickable Links for il8N Navigation?
(2013-05-25, 01:58:11)mvlcek Wrote:
(2013-05-25, 00:24:54)lnickel Wrote: This plugin does the job and kicks arse!!!! Thanks mvlcek for all your work!! I have one question and I'm sure I'll have many more but is it possible to pin point any of the links printed out and make them non-links.

So something like this where any of these items simply do not have a page assigned only to hover to show other children links. Perhaps the parent link is not clickable but shows the children. Is this possible?

You will need to use custom rendering and display a link or no link depending on $item->hasChildren.

Thank you for your assistance!! I'm not sure how to implement that.

Currently I have :

<ul class="megamenu">
            <li><?php get_i18n_link('index');?></li>
            <li class="megamenu_drop"><?php get_i18n_link('about-us');?>
                <div class="dropdown_3columns dropdown_container">
                    <ul><?php get_i18n_navigation('about-us', 1, 100, I18N_SHOW_NORMAL); ?></ul>

I'm not sure how to implement the code you provide on your site:

<li class="<?php echo $item->classes; ?>">
  <a href="<?php echo htmlspecialchars($item->link); ?>">
    <?php echo htmlspecialchars($item->text); ?>
  <?php if ($item->isOpen) { ?>
    <ul><?php $item->outputChildren(); ?></ul>
  <?php } ?>

get_i18n_navigation($slug, $minlevel=0, $maxlevel=0, $show=I18N_SHOW_NORMAL, $component=null)

What do I reference in the component var? I appreciate your help!!!!!

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