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Crisp Responsive Fluid Business Template / Bootstrap
Hey guys! How are you all?

I'm currently working with this template on converting it to GetSimple (not all of the variations, but mainly index-2-light, about, gallery, contact and 3-column portfolio).

Here's my problems so far:

The menu doesn't display 'dropdown items' properly, it doesn't use twitter bootstrap in the menu but simply a *PARENT* ul class. But this one needs to be linked with javascript:void(0). Any ideas?

Example: I have Home, About, Brands (dropdown) and Contact. But the Brands gets linked to /brands, and doesn't automagically get a 'parent' ul class + I'm unable to mark the link with javascript:void(0). Sad

Any help at all is sincerely appreciated! Working on this for my exams.
See this post by Rene - he seems to have gotten around it in a different bs theme (they should be similar):
Your best options might be to use a custom function for get_navigation. Especially considering the drop downs.
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Thanks guys, now since the only menu items that are in the dropdown are under "BRANDS" - perhaps a hardcoded menu with dynamic brands are more what I'm looking for?

@PrplHaz4 - I tried the code, but considering it's made for Bootstrap in particular, this theme didn't respond to the code as I had hoped.

Any suggestions on this? Perhaps even with some code examples on how to do this.

My current deploment/testing site:

Thanks again for all your help

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