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google problem - 'pages from the uk only'
I have been checking a site for position in google. I am in the uk, the site is hosted by a uk company with uk servers, the subject matter is uk and I am using I put in my search terms and I find my site at around 30th place. Then under the google search box I click on Search Tools and change from The Web to Pages From the UK . The results are almost the same but my site has disappeared.

What is going on here? How does google determine the location of a site? Why should it think my site is not in the uk? How do I fix this?
I think you are right Martin, but I could find the site anyway Smile .

I had to go into google webmaster tools and set the geographical location that I want the site associated with. You don't need to if your site has a .uk domain. All good now and my site is in the top ten for my chosen search terms, but it took me a while to get to the bottom of that issue.

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