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CKeditor-How do you activate a plugin?
I'm trying to activate the Flash Plugin in the GS version of the CKeditor. Is there any support or info on this? I have a client who hosts their own videos, and needs a way to add them in the editor. They can't use YouTube or Vimeo. A shortcode with a variable for the filename is another option.

You need to add 'Flash' to your toolbar, so you will need to set a custom toolbar via gsconfig or custom config.
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Thanks. I found it and instructions on how to do it.
Are the only changes that need to be done in the gsconfig.php file? I've been trying to change it, but none of the changes are taking effect. I also noticed that my gsconfig.php file was set to 'advanced' but only the 'basic' tool bar was appearing when in the page editor. I did manage to break it once, then had to install my backup file config file.
read the wiki

1) check whether the plugin which you want to integrate exists already in the plugin-folder of CKEDITOR

in that case you just have to activate it, include it in your toolbar

2) if that plugin does not exist already in the plugins-folder of the editor, you have to upload the relevant files to the plugin-folder (many plugins are online at the ckeditor-homepage), and then in the next step, include the plugin in the configuration file, after that you can include the plugin in your editor-toolbar

we have a WIKI with quite a bunch of information there. You can find an example of plugin-integration here:
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