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Search function .. Almost Done.. Need a Codo fellow to look at it.
hi.. i am Mossawir... i am not a coder but i do have some influence about php coding...
i found a way to built a Gs site search function....
here i go...

download this ... this is a free website search php..
it come with 5 files


copy this into your GS root.

read the rtf file to add this into your site.. add a search box in the theme using the instruction...


now configure the intrasite_search . open intrasite_search.php . goto line 48 ..
$this_site = "site URL";
this required site url where its located ,.,, for example ..

goto line 52

$search_start = "index page url";
insert the index page name .. where to start search....

problem is that... every is working fine .. like showing a ajax window .. loading js file.. but its not showing the say's 0 result found. i think its not reading the data as.. because of index.php?id=1.. even if i try facy URL .. it still dosent read the data.... i think this search script search the site on serverside and at the server site their is no data on php or html form.. it is in the XML files... it read the data on request and generate HTML.... i know their is some thing wrong the paths... as htaccess.... or another way is to hookup as a plugin... can any body do this...
find a way to catch result...
here is the picture of my file... any body help...

[Image: qqy2id.jpg]
Didn’t test the script myself, but reading on their website it seems it is made for websites with static pages. It will try to index these static resources so you can search them. The problem is, there are no static pages in a GetSimple installation, just XML data files.

(I did not test this, I might be completely wrong, but still wanted to note this.)
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is their any wait we can create a cache of HTML generated file sooo this search script can read..?!.. without Search function CMs is kindaaaa uncomplete.. i was hoping to see in its Features list....

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