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ABIwizard Support
I am sorry for my bad English.
This is support thread for ABIwizard plugin. Also other package linked to this plugin. Please write your opinion or any idea about this plugin.

ABIwizard is a core theme library that allowing you to customize the existing theme in simple method. This plugin are coming with a few themes created by my in order to test the plugin and the theme that are connected to tis plugin.

Some theme has uploaded in order to give a sample how it works and connect to this plugin. Please try it and review about this.

This forum thread also used as ABIwizard Theme Support. It's mean that my theme creation will be support in this thread.
is there available bugs on my plugin? if not, i will update this plugin to extended menu customization. Thanks

There are some bugs:

Custom code Head is placed in footer area, not betwen <head> </head>

In the web demo, the image gallery example fails because all image links refer to a "localhost" url.

In your demo web, the IE detector vanishes its message after a second, so its difficult to read. The message is not centered.

Thanks for your work!

Hello, thank you for reporting. Now I was fixing these issue. The additional header script was correctly added between HEAD tag. The fade effect for IE detector is disabled now. About "The message is not centered", can u please take a screenshot for me? Thank you...

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