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Optimal Server Settings
I have my own VPS (Ubuntu 12.04 on Digital Ocean) that I am installing GetSimple onto. My DocumentRoot is /home/username/

To get past the first page I needed to CHMOD the folders to 777, and not 755. Why did I need to CHMOD them to 777 instead of 755? Because 755 was listed as an option, I assumed that would be okay and I would prefer it to be the case.

The automation failed on creating the .htaccess file in root and renaming temp.gsconfig.php to gsconfig.php. It also was unable to delete /admin/install.php, /admin/setup.php and /admin/update.php. What do I need to do on my server to have these tasks occur automatically? Are there PHP extensions I should have installed?
Probably because your FTP user is not the same as your php user you could have chowned the files first so they work with 755

If you have a vps you should have a firm grasp on unix file perms. If not do some reading.
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
I'm familiar with unix file permissions, but I'm no expert. The default umask is 0022 on my VPS provider. I'm using SSH to SFTP into the server. I kept myself as the owner and set the group to be Apache (www-data). I set the permissions to 775 and everything appears to be okay.

$ wget
$ unzip latest -d
$ mv * ..
$ rm -r GetSimpleCMS_3.2.1/
$ ls -l
$ sudo chown -R michaellindahl:www-data public_html
$ sudo chmod 775 -R public_html
After install you can probably change it so only /data needs write.

Files can be set with the gschmod config I think they are 644 by default.
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
Also just want to point out that I had severe troubles setting up GetSimple on my laptop running Ubuntu some time back (eventually gave up), which had the same symptoms as michaellindahl described. Even after pointing the installation to my own user directory (<user>/public_html/), there would still be ownership problems running the chmod function.

I recursively chowned the files on multiple occasions (from the command line) and even output the file owner and write-permissions in PHP to check that they were correct, but the problems still persisted.

On top of that, it seemed to load the plugins in reverse alphabetical order. I have no idea why.
Well it would be great if you could figure that out for us. Some exact logs or erros sequence.
I still suspect its an erroneous error that does not actually break anything, if the chmod code was simply removed it would probably work. Which will eventually be taken care of as it is intermingled all over, and should be abstracted.

File loading is arbitrary, there is no such thing as order when reading filesystems. Its one of those cardinal rules of never using predictively, most sort orders are unless you explicitly sort, or use a pointers.
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix

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