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A quick Thank you!
Hey all!

I don't know where to put this and please excuse if it's in the wrong place. I have been on get-simple for a year or so and I am extremely amazed at the help I have been getting from members here and for that I would like to give a BIG/HUGE thank you to a few people on here who have been a great help to me!!!!!


Its very apparent you all are VERY dedicated to get-simple and that is so awesome!!! I hope to truly immerse myself into get-simple and help out whenever I can. I have been developing professionally with drupal and wp for sometime and was hesitant to switch to GS. I hope I'm not sounding like a php guru because I am far from it but you learn from others.

A lot of what made me switch was this community. I am developing my first site with GS for a huge client and have been stoked!!!!

Long story short...Smile thank you all for the help!


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