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Index page slug
First of all Im not sure if theres already a question about this (made a quick search but couldnt find anything)...
I just realized that the index page (the top-most page, created on installation) is not accessible with the slug index nor any childs of it. (never used childs with index page before)
I understand why this happens so i just wanna ask if theres a way to use index page as parent without modifying permalink structure?
You should be able to access the index by using slug index (SITE/index/, SITE/?id=index, ...) without trouble (unless you enable GSCANONICAL in gsconfig).
And you should be able to use it as a parent (SITE/index/subpage/, etc)
Works for me (any GS version).
Hmmmm thats wierd i have a 3.2.3 and a beta install (on localhost) both with default .htaccess files and getting:
Negotiation: discovered file(s) matching request: /var/www/gsbeta/index (None could be negotiated).

Ill try something and report if it works

Edit: Ok i just modified my .htaccess and removed MultiViews (added -MultiViews) and it works now so its probably just my local server's configuration.
Thanks for the fast answer though.
yeah must conflict with the -f file check with multi views on apache creates an index in real time, i wonder if we could leave multi views on and add a ( unless index ) skip to the file check rewrite, ideally you want multiview off anyhow.
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Hmmm not sure about this since i havent got much experience with rewrite stuff but im trying a few things...
One is like check if the requested filename is index or index/anything if so make a special rewrite only for these and stop processing the rest of the rewrite (or skip), else do the file/directory check and the default rewrite rule.
Is something like that possible?
I imagine so, it's mostly a curiosity . Also it would nice to know of any issues some migh experience this again,
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